Why the New Kim Kardashian Photoshoot is Amazing

July 24, 2015

By now you all have probably seen the pictures of Kim Kardashian for the August issue of Vogue Spain. I'm sure you also have pre-existing opinions on Kim and her reality-famous family, but let's put those feelings aside for a moment and marvel at the beauty that is this feature.

I love makeup. I really do. I love a good bright lipstick and I even enjoy trying to master the high art of the perfect cateye. But there are days when I really just don't want to put makeup on. It's tiring and tedious and I usually end up getting mascara on my eyebrow or messing up my eyeliner or something that is just frustrating. Makeup can be fun, but it can also be horribly annoying.

And yet I make sure I have at least mascara and lipstick on whenever I leave the house. Why? I'd like to believe I am a mostly confident person (a lot more confident than I used to be, that's for sure) but I still am not to the point where I can walk out of the house makeup free. I live by the adage that you never know who you are going to run into when you're out and about and therefore you should always be looking your best.

However, recently I've noticed that women are going to extremes when it comes to everyday makeup. Contouring is super cool and I love it for big events, but personally I don't think people need to be wearing that much makeup everyday. For one, it's extremely time-consuming, and in the wise words of that one lady, "Ain't nobody got time for that." The other issue is that, for me, the more makeup I wear the harder it is to like how my face looks without any makeup on. Yes, it is really cool to look #flawless with a contoured face and eyebrows on fleek, but if you feel like you can't go outside without a full face of makeup on, that could be an issue.

And with Kylie Jenner and makeup bloggers making a name for themselves by constantly looking perfect and contoured, it's hard to not want a perfectly made-up face. There's a weird dichotomy in the fashion world right now between the gorgeously makeup-free minimalists and the perfectly made-up glam Barbie dolls, like the Kardashian Krew.

So to have Kim Kardashian, a celebrity who is in part responsible for the rise in popularity of contouring and other extreme makeup trends, appear on the cover of a major magazine with next-to-nothing makeup, is really empowering! Kim is gorgeous always, and I love her perfect beauty looks and her edgy fashions. But I also love that she is confident with what she looks like beneath all that makeup and saying, "Hey, makeup or no makeup, I love what I look like, and you should too!" If you love doing your makeup and want to try out the newest contouring method each day, go for it! But know that you should be doing it because you love it, not because you feel like you have to look flawless and perfect for the world. Because you are beautiful no matter how much makeup you wear! And if Kim Kardashian can rock the no-makeup look and still look gorgeous, we all can.

See the rest of the photoshoot here:

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