Spoils of War (aka What I Got After a Long Day of Shopping)

July 21, 2015

The queen of shopping, Cher Horowitz
When I suggest a shopping trip amongst a large group of friends or acquaintances, I am often met with a few sideways glances or eyerolls. Ugh, this girl is so superficial. She's one of those girls. The very concept of shopping is seen as frivolous and just generally annoying. And I get it, shopping is all about buying into capitalist consumerist brainwashing and the idolatry of material goods, yadda yadda yadda, but to be quite honest I think shopping deserves a bit more credit. Sometimes it can be downright exhausting.

Take my recent trek to the mall with my mom this past weekend for example. When I suggested that Saturday would be a good time to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I had no idea that a tropical storm was heading for Baja California and was bringing a freak summer thunderstorm to San Diego. Seriously, it was perhaps the heaviest rainfall I have ever seen. But that wasn't going to stop me from finding some fall outfit essentials!

Of course because it was raining, everyone had flocked to the mall to watch movies and shop (with the comfort of being indoors and dry), PLUS there were great summer sales happening, so it was packed. Crowded places tend to bring out my most critical side, especially when it comes to the complete lack of respect for personal space and common courtesy. Add bad weather to the mix and a crowded mall full of annoying people becomes even more draining.

When people say they "shop until they drop" they really aren't kidding. Shopping is draining stuff, man, especially if you're at it for a long time. Think about it: you're walking around and standing for long periods of time, using all your mental strength to comb through racks and racks of clothing in search of the perfect piece of clothing. It's exhausting to try on four different pairs of boyfriend jeans in hope of a perfect fit, only to come away empty-handed (seriously, when am I going to find the perfect pair?) and calculate how many outfits you can create with a certain pair of cream lace shorts (enough to make the purchase justifiable, it turns out!). Even with someone who finds shopping an enjoyable activity—like myself—it can be extremely tiring, but the ability to walk away with glorious new pieces to add to your wardrobe is so totally worth it. Each shopping bag is like a gold medal, a reminder that you have emerged from this shopping excursion victorious.

So when someone rolls their eyes at you and says how superficial and stupid shopping is, just know that they are silly and lack the physical and mental strength to brave department stores and boutiques all afternoon. Just laugh at them and their basic outfit while you rock your chic, brand-new pieces, your spoils of war.

Anyways, here's what I walked away with after all that:

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