What to Wear from Forever 21

July 8, 2015

image via Forever 21
For a long time I was very unsure of Forever 21. It seemed so daunting and chaotic; there are literally so many clothes in that store, and there's a lot of stuff that just doesn't do it for me. Forever 21 has plenty of awesome pieces, but you have to know where to look, and often great pieces are lost amidst the sheer volume of clothes in the store. It's easy to look at the craziness that is the fast fashion store and just shake your head in defeat.

That is, until now!

I've scoured the Forever 21 website for the best on-trend pieces and chic accessories that any Fashion Barbie would love to wear.

Here are some of my top picks:

Forever 21 Contemporary Shirred Trumpet-Sleeve Top
Forever 21 Classic Wool Fedora
Forever 21 Contemporary Embroidered Eyelet-Paneled Jumpsuit
Forever 21 Knot-End Cuff
Forever 21 Contemporary Genuine Suede A-Line Skirt

Shop More Forever 21 Picks:

What are your favorite pieces from Forever 21 right now?


  1. Forever 21 forever!!!! Okay, that was lame but I seriously love the place. Great picks! Of course, I won't buy anything off their website because I feel like you need to see it IRL to judge the fabric and fit. It's pretty hit or miss there!


    1. Forever 21 is great for fun, trendy pieces! I agree, it is one of those places where you need to see the pieces in person. Hopefully this post allows readers to know what they are looking for, though! You definitely need a game plan when you go in that store.

      Thanks for reading, Colleen!


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