Leather Jackets for Every Budget

July 28, 2016

Jane Bishop by Phil Oh for Vogue

So everyone can look like a badass!

If there's one thing I've learned from TV shows it is this: if you want your character to seem cool and badass, give them a leather jacket. Got a lone wolf detective with a tough side? Give them a leather jacket. How about an evil vampire on a fantasy show? You know where to go. So this fall, let us all look like TV badasses no matter our budget, and let's all wear leather jackets!

Because there are literally sooo many options out there, at every price point, faux and real, and so on, I've only included classic black leather jackets, but know that there are plenty of colors of jackets and ones with cool details like fringe and studs, too! One of my favorite tools to scour the web for the best pieces is ShopStyle, where you can look at hundreds of clothing sites at once to compare different styles and make sure you're getting the best price. I'm actually looking to add a leather jacket to my wardrobe and have been using the site to narrow down to a few options, especially since I don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money. It's good to know that there are plenty of options!

Here are some of my favorite leather jackets at every price point:

Under $100: H&M | Missguided | Topshop
Under $250: Y.A.S. | Mango | Nasty Gal
Under $500: Madewell | Maje | Muu Baa

Shop Leather Jackets:

Which leather jacket is your favorite?

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