Fight On!

March 29, 2012

Guess what arrived in the mail today? You have no idea how excited I am. I even wore a mustard sweater and red raw silk skirt to school today to show off how absolutely stoked I was to receive a BIG ENVELOPE from THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (aka the university of spoiled children, where I will fit in perfectly!)

Who would ever think that burgundy and gold go so well together? Certainly not I, but upon second thought I realize there are a lot of opportunities for these colors. So I scoured the internet to find some possible school-spirit-appropriate clothes, and wouldn't you know, even Proenza Schouler has hopped on the "Burgundy <3's Gold" Train. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

TOP: J. Crew; Zac Posen; Miu Miu BOTTOM: Burberry; Proenza Schouler; Kain

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