Perfect Pins: Nailed It

June 29, 2013

Sunset Nails (Source

You'd never be able to guess from how my nails look now, but I used to be a seriously crazy nail-biting problem. Of course, I've been able to kick that nasty habit to the curb and cultivate my cuticles. So it's only natural that lately I've been obsessed with nail polish trends and experimenting with ways of making my hands pop! 

I've been looking to Pinterest for inspiration and love how creative people can get with a few bottles of polish.

Here are some of my favorite nail styles, all courtesy of fellow pinners.

Black nails with a gold shimmer (source)

Nails inspired by everyone's favorite heels (source)

Ombre blues (source)

Mexican blanket nails! (source)

Neon orange* (source)
*TIP: neon nails immediately make you look more tan; Perfect for summer!

I'm really loving ombre nails and neon French tips right now. What are your favorite nail trends?

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