Birds of a (Pink) Feather

June 28, 2013

Necklace: Topshop
Lipstick: Tom Ford
Shoes: Sophia Webster
Dress: Anthropologie
iPad Case: Tory Burch

In the heat of summer it appears we have much in common with the wild animals of the African savannas. We flock to watering holes (pools, lakes, oceans, rivers) to refresh and replenish our thirst (preferably with cool tropical drinks and trashy novels to keep us company). It only makes sense that we draw inspiration from one of the inhabitants of the African plains - the mighty Pink Flamingo!

I'm always a fan of pink (it comes with the fashion barbie territory) and I love a good novelty print, so these flamingo picks are a match made in heaven. But seriously, I've been seeing birds everywhere I go. At Topshop last week there was a whole shelf of flamingo jewelry, and Tory Burch has a whole collection of flamingo-print clothes and accessories (in hot pinks and in cool blues). Or, if you just want to emulate the beta-carotene pink of the fancy birds, Tom Ford has a lipstick color inspired by flamingo plumes! 

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