we need to talk about: givenchy resort 2014

June 11, 2013

Let's be honest, I'm a sucker for expert drapery, and Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy knows how to turn fabric into sculpture, into true art. Someone who can create both streamlined and full silhouettes, and who understands fabric so well...ugh, I just love it so much.

There is something more lighthearted in the 2014 collection, too, which may be why I am so impressed. Lighter colors, florals, lace - Style.com called it "upbeat" and "optimistic" - and we all know what a sucker I am for optimism.

My favorite piece is probably the seemingly simple, classic trench coat with a pop of bold pattern and color thrown in by way of a floral lining and matching printed boots. After all, the Givenchy girl is never normal and always has something up her sleeve.

What do you think about the Givenchy resort collection?


  1. Great post. I'm always stumped on how to bring runway looks into the real world...at least in my real world of corporate work life!

    I have to say that the trench is so classic and I love the look, year after year!

    I really love the look of the longer blazer, maybe because it is much easier for me to incorporate it into my work wardrobe.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks, Jenn!

      Yeah, sometimes runway styles can be hard to transfer to real life. I find that the best runway pieces are like the Givenchy trench - pieces that take on a classic form but mix it up a bit and bring something new to a known style.

      And yes, the long blazer is really nice because it is so versatile. I'm so glad to see Riccardo Tisci incorporate plenty of classic silhouettes (with new twists, of course) into this collection.


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