The Best Weekend Travel Bags

June 19, 2015

Image via Atlantic-Pacific
When the weather is this nice, you can't be blamed for wanting to retreat to the nearest body of water for the weekend. Weekend getaways are necessary for one's well-being, especially if one normally occupies a bustling metropolis. You've already got your books picked out to read on the beach; now you just need something in which to pack your clothes!

A weekender duffle bag does just the trick! Large enough to fit plenty of outfit options but small enough to be portable and relatively lightweight, a duffle bag is all you need. Don't worry, I'm not talking about some ugly, boring bag that you see college sports teams lug around; no, a duffle bag has the capacity to be just as stylish as the clothes it is carrying.

Here are my favorite bags for your next weekend getaway:

Which bag is your favorite?

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