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June 25, 2015

Outdoor Voices | Box Fox Instagram
People are really busy these days. Between working, going to school, trying to have a social life, having an on-point Instagram, and catching up on the latest season of True Detective, we really don't have a lot of idle time. We're lucky if we get the chance to sneak out to a movie (and I mean one in theatres, not just sidling up to your laptop and opening up Netflix) or enjoy a leisurely Saturday without having errands to run.

Luckily, many brands have recognized the fact that people are incredibly busy these days and they know that you want quality clothes and beauty products without having to wade through thousands of options (which, if you've ever used Shopstyle, you know that there are literally thousands of versions of any one particular clothing item; it can be quite overwhelming). I want my one-stop shopping and be able to walk away with everything I need with just a click of a button.

Below are some of my favorite curated kits that make shopping so much easier.

Outdoor Voices

The OV x Man Repeller kit
With Lululemon being co-opted by suburban moms, where does the fashion crowd turn to for chic workout attire? Look no further than Outdoor Voices, the coolest fitness brand that actually makes me want to work out. I first heard about OV through their collaboration with one of my favorite fashion blogs, Man Repeller, and I love the cool designs available at Outdoor Voices. But the best part? They also have clothing kits so that you can have a whole look sent to you, ready to go. I'm a big fan of the charcoal colorway, but the Man Repeller kit is also a must-have. 

Box Fox

The Festival box from Box Fox
When you live a busy life, chances are you've got plenty of social events on your calendar. Birthdays, weddings, office gatherings, you name it. And while you would love to get every single person in your life a meaningful, thought-out gift, sometimes you just don't have the time. That's where Box Fox comes in. They have carefully-curated gift boxes for all sorts of occasions, featuring trinkets and goodies from brands like Kate Spade, Voluspa, and Rifle Paper Co.

You can send a sweet gift to your boss during the holidays, celebrate a friend's new baby, or even get a gift for yourself (I love the festival and travel kits, personally), and Box Fox has just introduced the ability to totally customize your order for a truly unique gift. Nice!


The Summer Kit from Net-a-Porter Beauty
Summer is a time for weekend getaways and jetset adventures, and jetset adventures call for fresh-faced beauty looks. High-end online retailer Net-a-Porter has curated a delightful beauty kit full of best-sellers so that all your summer beauty needs are met. The best part? Pretty much everything is small enough to go on your carry-on and not be tossed out by TSA, so you are ready to go anywhere.

Would you buy a curated kit?

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