No Sleep til Brooklyn

August 16, 2013

From Left: Louis Vuitton; Marc Jacobs; Dries Van Noten; Louis Vuitton

Who said sleepwear is just for the sleeping? Certainly we do not hold it as a steadfast rule of style (especially since so many seem to be perfectly content wearing sweatpants and other loungewear items long into the waking hours). 

For those of you who still prefer matching silk pajama sets and nightgowns than T-shirts and sweatpants, you too don't have to retire your nighttime getup when the sun comes up. 

Marc Jacobs especially has advocated for comfortable daywear that emulates sleepwear but looks just as killer as a leather jacket. 

So how does one translate sleepwear into daywear? It's quite simple and you are gonna love it.

For daytime, pair a smart piped button-down and elegant smoking slippers (the stylish lady's alternative to Ugg slippers and boots) with tailored denim shorts or skinny slacks. 

For nighttime, pull a Courtney Love or Carrie Bradshaw-in-a-hurry and hang a heavy coat over a tissue-thin lace-trimmed silk nightgown. Top off with dainty floral-print pumps, a bright lip, and carefully tousled beadhead for maximum impact.

The key to the sleepwear-for-daytime look is balancing proportions and tailoring. Because sleepwear is often looser and more relaxed in terms of fitting, you want to pair your sleep-inspired items with tailored, fitted pieces that will balance proportions well.

So what do you think? Will you be trying this trend for fall? Or at least ditch the schlubby sweatpants in exchange for more stylish pajamas?

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