Wear the Holidays, Designer Style

December 5, 2013

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Olympia Le-Tan Clutch | Chinti and Parker Reindeer Sweater | Tibi Reindeer  Sweater | Charlotte Olympia Gingerbread Purse | Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Pumps | Markus Lupfer Sweater

Last year I believe I wrote a piece about the increasing trendiness of the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" and the plethora of faux-vintage holiday-themed knits available in the "Urban Renewal" section at Urban Outfitters.

This year, even the trendiest of high-end designers have hopped on the bandwagon (pulled by reindeer, of course) and have dreamed up some perfect holiday clothing items.

Tibi, Chinti and Parker, and Markus Lupfer all have stylish updates on the ugly sweater if your friends invite you to an ugly sweater Christmas party but you cannot bring yourself to pick up some previously-worn moth eaten rag from the GoodWill (or from your great aunt's closet).

For the literary salon sartorialist, stun your friends with your erudite reading preferences and clutch Olympia Le-Tan's marvelous Grinch embroidered book-purse - not to be mistaken for a backpack, of course. It's sure to be a conversation starter: "Who is this Dr. Seuss, and what strand of postmodernist deconstruction theorist is he, exactly?"

And of course, if you've ever felt a burning desire to understand the emotions of a cat forced to wear a bell collar around its neck, Charlotte Olympia has concocted a festive version of her sky-high platform pumps by painting them in lush red suede and glimmering gold - and of course, adding golden bells along the ankle strap. You'll make an entrance wherever you go, and with your own soundtrack too!

So what do you all think of these Christmas-themed designer pieces? Would you be willing to shell out big bucks for a gingerbread-man-themed cross-body purse, or would you rather pay for the satisfaction of eating a real cookie?

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