The Girls of 2013 - No 9

December 6, 2013

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Zendaya became a serious contender for the "Girls of 2013" list when I saw her American Music Awards look (second from the right). I had to do a double-take - was that really the girl from Disney's Shake It Up? And how does someone who is two years younger than I am look so much more mature than me!?

I had to do some investigating.

What I found was that Zendaya has some serious style. She can look cool and mature one day and then fun and youthful the next - exactly how a teen starlet should be! Now is the time for experimenting, and I love how Zendaya takes a fun but poised approach to fashion.

With Selena, Demi, and Miley safely out of the Disney sphere, it's time for a new round of child and teen stars to take the stage (and the covers of TeenVogue). Zendaya has stepped into that role quite well (and with cute shoes, too!) and I look forward to see many great things from her in the future!

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