The Girls of 2013 - No. 2

December 27, 2013

You can't be such a polarizing figure without being widely talked about, and for better or for worse, Miley Cyrus has caused quite the stir this year. Her onstage antics are so notorious at this point that I shouldn't even bother mentioning them (smoking marijuana while performing in Amsterdam and twerking with Robin Thicke at the VMAs are a few of those moments, in case you forgot or live under a rock) and a lot of the rebellious activity is overdone and tiring, but Miley is just being Miley and you have to admit that a train wreck has never looked so good.

And honestly, train wreck is a bit of an overstatement. My fan relationship with Miley has fluctuated over the years - I was a fan of Hannah Montana, not gonna lie, and her eagerness to "shed her G-rated Disney image" was frustrating for me. I've never understood the need for child celebrities to go a bit off the deep end once they grow up, but I have never been a child celebrity so I have no idea what their lives are like and I've come to the realization that if Miley was just a normal college-age girl, no one would be batting an eyelash if she were smoking weed or dancing suggestively at a house party.

Yes, Miley is a public figure and thus should consider her actions and how they might influence others to follow in her footsteps. She has made many mistakes this year and I don't agree with all of her actions. But she's young, she's learning how to live and that involves making mistakes, and we just have to let her do her thing and hope she'll find what she's searching for. And you must admit, she's actually pretty level-headed when interviewed about topics that matter, like love and being true to yourself.

So, polarizing behavior aside, it's been a great year for Miley Cyrus. Despite the ridiculous title, Bangerz is awesome and I recommend you all go listen to it. And though the video is entirely silly (as are the countless parodies) "Wrecking Ball" is a beautiful song and the first time I heard it (before the video came out) I was like, yes, this is awesome. Though "The Climb" will forever be my all-time favorite Miley Cyrus song, Bangerz showed us that Miley has some serious musical talent.

Miley's also completely transformed her look this year. She ditched her long hair for a platinum pixie cut that sparked a mass trend of discarding long layers of hair for shorter looks, and when she's not wearing teddy bear onesies or suggestive foam fingers, she can be seen wearing Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler. She's a true style chameleon - one day she'll be rocking a 90s-style outfit with a crop top and vintage Versace, the next she'll be sleek and chic in relaxed suits. Like every other young 20-something, she's trying to find her style and she's experimenting with all sorts of trends and fashions. There are occasional misses, yes, but when Miley gets a look right it is spot-on.

This has been a crazy year for Miley Cyrus, and it's doubtful that 2014 will be any less of a roller coaster ride (or swing on a wrecking ball, take your pick) for the shining star that is Miley Cyrus. We can't wait to see all the outrageous OMG moments and fashion choices she'll make come the new year, and you know that whatever she does next, we'll all be talking about it. And anyway, isn't that the point?

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