The Girls of 2013 - No. 8

December 10, 2013

It's hard to believe that 2014 will mark the tenth anniversary of Mean Girls (yikes, I am getting old) and it's even harder to believe that Lizzy Caplan played everyone's favorite goth androgynous badass Janis Ian.

Beneath all that heavy eyeliner and dark clothing was an absolute stunner, and ten years after the beloved film Lizzy Caplan is still going strong.

Last year Caplan starred in the raunchy Bachelorette (which wasn't my favorite, but Caplan was still great) and guest starred on New Girl as Nick's girlfriend, but with the success of the new show Masters of Sex on Showtime, Lizzy Caplan has truly outdone herself.

On the show Caplan portrays Virginia Johnson, a determined woman living in the 1950s who aids scientist William Masters in an intriguing and controversial study of - you guessed it - sex. Caplan is as charming as her fifties wardrobe, and off-screen she is just as lovely.

Caplan's signature style is decidedly feminine and bold, with bright lips and fun colors. She is certainly enjoying the spotlight and making each appearance a noteworthy one with her scene-stealing fashion sense.

Janis Ian may not approve of Caplan's fun and girly fashions, but we sure do!

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