An Ode to Shoshanna's Fabulous Hair

January 11, 2014

In celebration of the long-awaited return of HBO's series Girls, today's post is an ode to everyone's favorite fictional Sex and the City fanatic, Shoshanna Shapiro. More specifically, her inventive hairdos.

Twitter accounts have been dedicated to her "hair donuts" and each week it's become a little treat to see what Shoshanna will think to do with her hair this time.

Though not always the most practical or simple of 'dos, Shoshanna's creative personal style echos her optimistic and adventure-seeking nature - as a college student living in New York City and hoping to live out the Carrie Bradshaw life, Shoshanna's initiative to try new things (even things as little as hairstyles) should serve as an inspiration to us all.

Are you looking forward to the season three premiere of Girls this Sunday? And more importantly, what hairstyle do you think Shoshanna will debut in the premiere?

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