Fab or Fugly - Birkenstock Edition

January 7, 2014

A while back I talked about how tourist-inspired fashions were running rampant over the spring 2014 runways - everyone from Marc Jacobs to Miuccia Prada featured Hawaiian floral prints and tacky visors, it seemed. But it seems, my friends, that the fascination with the tacky and cheesy has gotten a bit out of hand.

When I saw the floral-print Givenchy Birkenstocks on display at Nordstrom over the holidays, I knew we had a serious problem. I thought the tacky tourist trend was mostly a joke. But with a $750 price tag, I realized this was no laughing matter.

Robert Clergerie Caliba Leather Sandals | Givenchy Floral-Print Double-Buckle Sandals

Birkenstocks seem to be everywhere lately, and not just on middle-aged, pasty women with fanny packs clipped around their waists either. No, fashionistas everywhere are embracing comfort and "style" (if you can call them stylish), trading in their perfectly polished Valentino studded pumps for these, ehem, interesting sandals. And on the right woman, they may even look *gasp* chic! 

I'll need to review some heavy evidence before I can make a final verdict.

Marni Spring 2014
Givenchy Spring 2014
The Man Repeller
Preen Resort 2014

I can't say I'll be hopping out to buy Birkenstocks any time soon, but I am quite fascinated by the way in which women have been able to transform these seemingly hideous sandals into a cool fashion statement - quite the talent, I must say.

What is your opinion on birkenstocks? Are they absolutely fabulous or downright fugly?


  1. I still don't know how I feel about them but my friend got a pair and said they were super comfortable - may have to get a pair!



    1. Right? I'm sure they're comfortable, but so are my J. Crew ballet flats, and frankly I think those are cuter! BUT my friend wore a pair the other day and looked super cool wearing them, but she could wear a paper bag and make it look awesome, soo...

      Thanks for reading, Mindy!

      -Lindsey, the Fashion Barbie

    2. Ha! I'm totally on the fence. I wore Birks in high school (circa 1997) with Levi's and a Hang Ten tee on a regular basis. My style has come a long way, but I have to admit the way people are wearing them now, they're so much cooler. I may end up with a pair. Thanks for stopping by my blog :). I'll be following along here now. Us CA girls have to stick together.


  2. My favourite!!



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