4 Ways to Look Great When You Don't Feel Great

January 8, 2014

It's the dead of winter right now. Chances are you either currently have a cold or about to get one. Don't fret - it happens to the best of us.

Being sick sucks, but it doesn't have to be so bad, and you shouldn't let a silly cold - or anything that keeps you from feeling 100% your best, for that matter - keep you down. Here are my # tips on how to pull yourself together to make it through the day, even when you are feeling under the weather.

1. Shine On
NARS The Multiple and Powder Blush in "Orgasm"
I've always found that the best way to instantly look healthier and more awake is by swiping on some shimmery blush onto my cheeks. It immediately gives your skin color and contour, and applying some NARS The Multiple (in "Orgasm", of course) to my cheeks is one of my favorite home remedies for feeling better when I have a cold or a cough.

2. Add Some Color
Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick | J. Crew Coat | Tory Burch Flats | Acne Sweater
I once read that wearing bright colors keeps your disposition sunny, even when the sky is dreary. The same applies for when we are feeling under the weather. A pop of fuchsia lipstick, a kelly green sweater, or even a pair of fire engine red ballet flats can make a simple outfit pop, making you look polished, put-together, and sunny as ever.

3. Simplify Your 'Do
Sleek Ponytails on the Runway | Reese Witherspoon
When I'm sick, the first thing that bothers me is my hair - if I'm not feeling well, the last thing I want to do is spend a half hour styling it. It's good to have an arsenal of quick-n-easy hairstyles for days when you are just not feeling like turning on the curling iron. A smooth ponytail or tidy bun is simple and absolutely no-fuss.

4. Treat Yourself Well
Diptyque Candle | Oranges for Vitamin C | Charlotte Olympia Sleep Set
The most important thing to do when you are under the weather is to treat yourself well. That means eating fresh and healthy foods, drinking a lot of water, and sleeping for 7-8 hours. Be sure to prioritize - what really needs to be done now and what can wait? And while you're at it, take a bubble bath and watch that episode of The Real Housewives you've secretly been waiting for. The best way to get over being sick is by taking some time for R&R.

What are your tips for looking great when you are feeling sick?

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