The Girls of 2014 — No. 3

December 29, 2014

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The only member on the list to work outside of the entertainment industry, Amal Alamuddin (now Amal Clooney) is a singularly fabulous individual. While she exploded onto the scene in 2014 thanks to her nuptials to a certain George Clooney (Yeah. That George Clooney), Amal is not your ordinary celebrity plus-one.

For starters, this British bombshell is a top lawyer who specializes in international law, criminal law, human rights, and extradition. She's even represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the former Prime Minister of Ukraine. She's also a member of a few United Nations commissions, including a committee that is focused on the Gaza Strip conflict. So yeah, she's much more than just someone's girlfriend or wife.

Recently Amal has been focusing her humanitarian efforts on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, using her new celebrity status to have a positive influence and spread awareness on an incredibly important issue. Like Watson (the No. 4 girl on our list), Amal isn't just a style icon: she's a role model.

But let's talk about her killer fashion sense for a moment. Amal brings a whole new definition to "dressing for success", as her colorful power dresses would make the cast of The Good Wife jealous. She always looks poised and ready to take on the world, but her off-duty styles show that you can work hard and play hard. It was during the Clooneys' whirlwind wedding in Venice, Italy, that she really won over the hearts of millions with her flawless honeymoon style. She hopped onto canal boats in couture dresses and flawless jumpsuits complete with wide-brim hats. Her style is high-end but easily adaptable for a more practical budget, and she shows that you can be glam and kick ass all at the same time.

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